When someone visits your business, what defines and makes their experience memorable? There are a surprising amount of factors. Think about the last good (or bad) experience you had at a business. Who was the first person you talked to and how did they treat you? How comfortable were you made to feel throughout your stay? What did the grounds look like when you arrived?

All of these factors contribute to the way that people and the public perceive your business. In this article, we want to discuss the sizeable impact and effect that a well-managed landscape and property can make on your business.

First Impressions.

First impressions are everything when it comes to business. The majority of the time, if you give a bad first impression, a customer won’t give you another chance to prove it was just a fluke. When it comes to grounds maintenance, first impressions happen quickly. If the property is well-maintained, it inspires a feeling of comfort, confidence, and even elegance as soon as the person steps onto the property. If it is shabby or even dirty, it inspires the opposite. First impressions can even be made by just driving by.

Lingering Thoughts.

What happens after that person visits your business? They have memories and associations with the time they spent there. Your people have a lot of control over how positive those memories will be, but so does the environment you present. Having grounds that are well-manicured, free of trash, and filled with touches of color helps ensure that those lingering thoughts of your business are positive.

Word of Mouth.

Whether you sell burritos or billion-dollar business deals, your business depends on word of mouth. And getting word of mouth recommendations depends on providing positive experiences for your customers. While providing a great experience with your people and your physical environment is likely to get you some positive word of mouth around town, unfortunately for many, word of mouth is often just as likely to be negative. Don’t give people an easy reason to think negatively of your business.

Thanks for reading! If you feel that it’s time to take your business’s grounds maintenance program to the next level, get in touch with the experts at GrassHoppers. We provide custom plans that include every service you need and nothing you don’t. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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